Go Hugo SEO

November 26, 2015

Hugo is a static site generator that has caught on for its simplicity and the fact it is built in Go. You can run it as a server or build the static site to host somewhere. If you are using Hugo to build a full site or just a blog you will most likely want to have some dynamic page setup for SEO or analytics. Luckily this is easy enough to do with Hugo. ... Read more

Custom Vagrant Cloud Versioned Box Host

January 31, 2015

With the recent addition of Atlas to the Hashicorp arsenal, Vagrant got an update to be integrated into Atlas for hosting your VM boxes and handling versioned updates. If you are still looking to have your boxes versioned and are hosting them yourself, or your company has them private, you can still achieve versioning your boxes with the latest Vagrant (1.7.2) and some manual work. ... Read more

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